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Enjoy the benefits of yoga in an environment that’s dedicated to making you feel comfortable. 

  • Feel better in your body
  • Be more at ease in your skin
  • Enjoy better health
  • Relieve stress 
  • Increase strength and flexibility

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Stamford
13 Spring Street, second floor, stamford, ct


You don’t have to be skinny, athletic, or acrobatic to enjoy the benefits of yoga! The benefits are available to everyone who’s willing to give yoga a chance. At Stamford Yoga Center, we love welcoming people of every size, shape, and color.

Never taken a yoga class before? Don’t worry! You’re in exactly the right place! We love working with new beginners! We get brand newbies all the time. In fact, we offer plenty of Basic classes that are perfect for you. 

Stamford Yoga Center is located in the heart of Stamford Downtown. A number of our students come to us straight from the office. It’s a great way to unwind after work. We’ve got two spacious private bathrooms where you can change out of your work clothes and slip into something a little more comfortable—like peace of mind!

There are tons of good parking options nearby the studio. While you’re in your 14-day trial period we recommend parking at the 2-hour meters across the street or in the metered lot behind CVS on Forest Street, which is about a one-minute walk from the studio. If you become a member after your trial period—we have a SUPER deal on membership—you’ll get FREE validated parking in the lot right next door. 

Sometimes people ask whether Stamford Yoga Center offers hot yoga. We laugh and say, “Not unless the air conditioner is broken!” We prefer our yoga the same way Goldilocks likes to eat her porridge: neither too hot nor too cold, but—just right. In general, we think moderation is usually a pretty good idea. 

It’s a good idea to register for class in advance in order to secure your spot. For your first visit, plan on arriving 10-15 minutes before class in order to do a little paperwork. We have yoga mats for your use and everything else you’ll need to enjoy yoga. Just wear something comfortable that you can move in. 

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Is there yoga studio etiquette I should know about?

Great question! Thanks for asking!

  • Avoid wearing fragrance (and/or scented products). 
  • Don’t forget to silence your cell phone before entering the studio. 
  • Yoga is practiced barefoot. Thanks for removing your shoes before entering the studio!
  • Please sign in for class before putting your mat down. 
  • If you’re late for class please wait until after centering to enter the studio. (You’ll know the centering portion of class has concluded when people start moving.)
  • Please return your props neatly where you found them. 
  • Most of our incredible team are volunteers. Please be polite to them!

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