At Stamford Yoga Center we believe that yoga is about standing on your own two feet more than it’s about standing on your head.

It’s fun to be playful on the mat—a healthy challenge can be a confidence booster—but we also know that you can have a rich, full yoga practice (and life!) without ever doing a single fancy yoga pose. 

We're not particularly conventional at Stamford Yoga Center. When it comes to yoga one size does not fit all. There's an infinite number of ways to approach the shapes of yoga, and the way you practice the shapes makes all the difference. 

We primarily offer alignment-based yoga based around simple shapes and functional movement. That might sound fancy but it just means that we pay careful attention to you in order to ensure that you get the maximum pleasure, safety, and benefit of yoga. (That's why our teachers aren't up at the front of the room demonstrating for the entire class—so they can pay attention to you!)

Our crackerjack instructors offer variations and modifications so that whether you’re a brand newbie or an experienced practitioner you can enjoy the rewards of practicing yoga. 

You don’t need to be a movement expert to enjoy yoga because that’s our job—and we love doing it! Every member of our hand-selected team is here because they’ve logged the hours and put in the work required to become extraordinary. Even so, we're likely to say, "This pose can be done THIS way with THIS benefit, or THAT way with THAT benefit. Why not try both ways and see which feels better in YOUR body today?" 

Some of our classes flow more (move faster) than others. 

We work with people at every experience level: we love making brand newbies feel comfortable, and we also mentor yoga professionals through our continuing education programs. We guide yoga enthusiasts to deeper understandings, and can even train you to teach yoga yourself!

We confidently believe that right now, as you are today, is the very best way to do yoga—you don’t have to be flexible, skinny, or an acrobat to reap the benefits. Stamford Yoga Center is a Body Positive community, meaning that we encourage adopting friendlier and more affirming attitudes toward your body, with the goal of feeling more comfortable in your skin and improving overall health and wellbeing.

You can work with Stamford Yoga Center individually or in our group classes, here at the studio, or off-site at home or in a corporate setting.  

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!




Malcolm Gladwell says it takes ten thousand hours to get really good in your field. Well, Bernadette Hutchings Birney has spent way more than ten thousand hours honing her craft—partly because she likes helping people, and partly because she’s found yoga to be more effective and less expensive than vacationing in the Bahamas!

Bernadette has been helping people live more comfortably in their skin for over two decades. Before finally opening her own studio she taught a lot of yoga—both locally and afield—traveling nationally and internationally to lead yoga training programs, workshops, and retreats. Now she mostly stays right here at home in Connecticut to focus on Stamford Yoga Center.

As an anatomy and movement education nerd, Bernadette enjoys creating smart, fun yoga classes that uplift body and soul. She likes to practice simple shapes and can't remember the last time she busted out a fancy yoga pose. Her body has never felt better. When you take Bernadette's class expect to pay attention to the way you move. You can also expect precise anatomical instruction, dopey jokes—and the occasional profanity. 

She has personally trained or mentored many of Stamyo’s instructors, and many of greater Fairfield County’s most beloved yoga teachers. You can find her articles in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Fit Yoga, Origin Magazine, Elephant Journal, Teachasana, and right here on the StamYo blog