The Yoga of Dumpster Diving

yoga of dumpster diving


One millisecond after opening my hand to fling the garbage into the dumpster, I realized my keys were sailing through the air along with the trash. My studio keys, house keys, and electronic car keys all landed with a kerplunk in the 8 inches of putrid brown liquid at the bottom of the dumpster. 

It was one of those moments when time stands still and everything inside you makes like the Munch painting and silently screeches. 

StamYo shares a dumpster with some local restaurants—and we might just hold the record for grossest, smelliest dumpster of all time ever. And I could see broken glass in there so I was even more reluctant to climb in. Also, I was wearing flip-flops.

(I know! I know! I tell all my students to throw away their flip-flops because they're the worst thing ever for your feet. BUT I WAS ON MY WAY TO GET A PEDICURE, PEOPLE!)

So instead of relaxing back into a massage chair, I was headfirst fishing around in the dumpster, marinating in garbage juice, and probably contracting hepatitis.  

And it occurred to me...

You know what I did this morning instead of getting on my yoga mat?

I raced out of the house intent on getting to the studio and finishing up a few last things. I tripped on the stairs because I was rushing. I almost got into a car accident on the way. (FYI, I totally had the right of way.)

The moral of this story is that skipping self-care never pays.  

The truth is that even yoga teachers run around like chickens with our heads off sometimes. Even yoga teachers need help slowing down. Even yoga teachers struggle to prioritize the practices that keep us safe and sane. 

I never recovered those keys but I did find a dead body in the dumpster. (Kidding!)

No—in all seriousness, I had a good friend with a cool head who plucked me out of the dumpster and saved the day by letting me borrow her car so I could track down my spare car key. (She didn't even ask me to foot the fumigation bill.)

And I was able to take a deep breath, maintain perspective, and laugh instead of cry, which I felt good about. There just might be something to this yoga stuff. (;

See you on the mat (after I take a Silkwood shower),