“I recently completed the…Immersion weekends with you and just wanted to tell you (in case you didn’t already know ;-) ) how amazing you are! I truly loved spending the time in the immersion to absorb the yoga wisdom you had to offer and share with us.”
— LM

Yoga Immersion Training at SYC


Trying to decipher all of the conflicting information that’s available about yoga out is confusing, or even downright impossible. How are supposed to know what to believe when one teacher tells you one thing, and another teacher tells you exactly the opposite?

We find that most yoga students have gaps in their yoga education: techniques that are too basic or time consuming to taught in mixed level classes, and too sophisticated to be taught in basic classes. We help you fill in the gaps by make complex ideas and practices accessible and fun. We break down sophisticated teachings so that you can apply the wisdom of yoga to your own body, and to everyday life.

The Stamford Yoga Immersion is a 50-hour program that demystifies yoga, nurtures your practice, and helps you to forge a more personal relationship with your yoga—both on and off the mat. The Immersion gives you the luxury of more time in which to explore: good posture, alignment for yoga poses, muscle activation, yoga philosophy and history, meditation, breath, and anatomy.

We’ve structured the Immersion so that even busy people can participate. 

The Immersion is designed for your personal enrichment and enjoyment. The only qualification is your love of yoga. When you participate in the Immersion you have no obligation to continue on to Teacher Training. However, please note that the Immersion is a requirement for applicants to our Teacher Training program. That’s because we believe that people should learn how to practice yoga before leaning to teach it.   


  • Posture Clinic: What does “Stand up straight” mean? Are you doing it? A better understanding can go a long way toward alleviating common muscle and joint pain. 
  • Yoga Poses: Gain understanding of the most commonly practiced yoga poses from the ground up, and avoid common mistakes and misalignments.
  • Alignment: Develop body wisdom that allows you to feel your way through yoga poses instead of trying to memorize a list of complicated instructions.
  • Intro to Meditation: Test out a sampling of meditative practices and see if one clicks for you. 
  • Intro to Breath Practices: Breathing well makes yoga juicer and more effective, and is quite literally the basis of all healing movement modalities. Learn to breathe better.  
  • Intro to Basic Yoga Anatomy: Acquaint yourself with key basic anatomy for greater safety and insight into your yoga practice; explore subtle anatomy through an introduction to the chakras. 
  • Yoga Philosophy: Understand foundational concepts and apply the wisdom of tradition to modern life; meet one or two renowned characters from the legends and lore of yoga mythology.
  • Yoga History: Uncover the origins of yoga and see how it has evolved over the years. 


Do I Have to Practice Vigorous Yoga All Weekend Long? Because I’m Not Sure I Can Do That...   

Don’t worry—you won’t be doing hours and hours of demanding physical practice. Immersion sessions are a well-balanced combination of movement, conversation, contemplation, exploration of technique, breath practices, and introductory meditation practices. 

Is There Homework In The Immersion? Is There a Test?

We know you have a busy life. There are a couple of reading suggestions. If you enjoy reading and thirst to know more about yoga, do them. Or skip the reading if you prefer. We want the Immersion to enhance your life, not add stress. There are no tests in the Immersion.  

Benefits Of Participating In The Immersion

  • Feel more empowered and confident in your yoga practice, better in your body, and more comfortable in your skin. 
  • Learn to apply the wisdom of yoga to your life in simple and effective ways. 
  • Advance your physical practice through greater understanding.
  • Boost your heath.
  • Learn tools for stress relief. 
  • Meet people who share your interests. 
  • Have fun!

2018 Immersion Dates:

February 23-25
March 9-11
March 23-25
April 6-8


The Program Meets:

Fridays 6-9pm
Saturdays 12-4pm
Sundays 12-4pm 


Immersion Pricing Options

Paid in full one month prior to the start of training

Paid by the first day of training

...for 2 months + $200 deposit

*plus sales tax