“Teacher training… gave a broad range of disciplines to deepen my understanding of yoga and to prepare me for the nitty-gritty of teaching. From the first day we rolled up our sleeves and started to teach, building our strengths with anatomy, hands-on assists, sequencing and practical class management. The teachers were knowledgeable, generous, fun and created at atmosphere that allowed growth and friendship. Guaranteed there is a lot to learn about yoga, a lot to learn about yourself. Do it!”
— VB

The Stamford Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training 

You don’t need to be flexible, skinny, injury-free, or an acrobat, to qualify for the Stamford Yoga Teacher Training program. Our program is open to committed yoga students who have benefited from yoga and want to pay it forward. If you welcome the opportunity to help people through sharing your love of yoga then our program is for you!


  1. The Stamford Yoga Immersion in which you deepen your practice (50-hours)
  2. An additional course of study focused entirely on the art of teaching (150-hours)


  • Plan smart, thoughtful classes
  • Create sacred space
  • Take the seat of the teacher with authenticity and integrity
  • Inspire students
  • Instruct yoga postures safely
  • Identify common misalignments and learn how to address them
  • Learn how to use language effectively
  • Sequence strategically for various class levels
  • Observe students clearly and teach to what you see
  • Offer skillful hands-on assists and adjustments
  • Develop your own teaching voice
  • Help people 


  • Create more meaning in your life by sharing your love of yoga
  • Nurture your own practice
  • Cultivate something of your own
  • Challenge old ideas and habits (physical and mental)
  • Forge bonds with a like-minded community
  • Transform (you never know where your love of yoga will lead you) 
  • Benefit from getting the knack of precise language
  • Open an avenue of potential supplemental income
  • Learn to put your own oxygen mask on first 
  • Be of use  
  • Get paid for doing what you love
  • Serve The Force (yeah, that’s an unapologetic Star Wars reference)

2018 DATES

  • February 23-25 (Immersion Weekend, prerequisite to Teacher Training)
  • March 9-11 (Immersion Weekend, prerequisite to Teacher Training)
  • March 23-25 (Immersion Weekend, prerequisite to Teacher Training)
  • April 6-8  (Immersion Weekend, prerequisite to Teacher Training)
  • April 20-22
  • April 27-29
  • May 4-6
  • May 18-20
  • June 1-3
  • June 15-17
  • June 29-July 1
  • July 13-15
  • July 27-29
  • August 10-12
  • August 24-26
  • September 7-9
  • September 21-23
  • October 5-7


The Straight Story

Yoga is a subject worthy of entire lifetimes. We’ve been doing this a long time and continue to be delighted by new information and insight. No one can person can ever learn everything about yoga—especially not in 200-hours. Consider every 200-level program an introductory training that provides the basic tool kit you’ll to get up and running as a new teacher. Some programs do it better than others. 

Upon completing both phases of the Stamford Yoga teacher training (including reading, written homework assignments, full attendance, class observations, mentoring with our in-house instructors, final exam and final teaching evaluation) graduates receive a Stamford Yoga diploma and become qualified to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour RYT level. 

We recommend at least one year of regular practice, and taking at least ten yoga classes with Bernadette prior to application. A teacher training is a commitment of time and money, and you should make sure that any program you’re considering is going to be a good fit for you. The program is non-refundable. 


What If I Have a Schedule Conflict and Have to Miss One of the Dates?

No problem. Most people wind up having to miss a day at some point. Participants have one weekend of excused absence. 

How Can I Make Up the Material?

It’s not possible for us to condense and reiterate the entire weekend’s worth of practicum when you're absent. However you are responsible for the material that was covered during your absence. What you can do is get the notes from one of your classmates. Participating in study groups helps a lot too. If, after getting the notes, you're feeling lost, you can hire a member of the Stamyo training faculty to work with you privately. 

What If I Have To Miss Two Weekends?

We do not guarantee a certificate of graduation to participants who miss more than one weekend.

Will I Be Hired at Stamford Yoga Upon Completing the Teacher Training Program?

Probably not! Stamford Yoga Center hires experienced yoga instructors, which is not the same as having simply completing a training program. Once you finish training you’ll still need lots of practice before becoming an experienced yoga instructor. Get out there, have fun, teach your friends, teach for gyms, teach a ton of yoga, keep taking classes, and then come see us.   

What’s the Best Way to Guarantee Finding Work Teaching Yoga? 

We cannot guarantee that you will find work teaching yoga! We do observe that participants who attend class regularly, put in the hours, and work closely with our instructors, tend to be the most successful among our graduates who find work teaching yoga. 


Teacher Training Pricing Options

Paid in full one month prior to the start of training

Paid by the first day of training

...for 8 months + $500 deposit

*plus sales tax

Already purchased Immersion Training and want to upgrade to add-on Teacher Training?